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Identify their brand pain points to better restructure and enhance how they communicate their message in order to monetize their expertise & attract their dream client.


Since i've got you here, let me ask you a few things..

Be honest with yourself I may can help you...

Are you at the point of confusion in your business?
The point of confusion I am referring to is, where you've done great in your business thus far but for some reason you aren't attracting the right audience and struggling to monetize your expertise further. 
The confusion can be eliminated with the correct strategies in place and understanding the various avenues to communicate your brands value.

This is For If You Currently:

Have A Strong Business Structure 

You've built a strong business and have some pretty awesome systems in place. However, It isn't a structure you're satisfied with or seeing the profit you desire.  Your brand's message isn't being communicated through your marketing efforts and current structure. You are ready to scale your business to the next level and In order to get there, you know the structure & systems needs work. 


Very Consistent With Visibility 

Great job, at this point you've stayed consistent with ensuring your brand has been seen. But, you still haven't reached your desired audience. Now you know It is time to up your brands attractiveness and how well you communicate your expertise. 

Making Consistent 4-Figure Months

Congratulations! You did what most entrepreneurs struggle to do - that is making 4-figures in your business consistently. Now you are realizing you need real strategies to expand your business further to reach your 6-7 figure sales goals.
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Hi, I am Milan Mobley

Business & Brand Restructure Coach 

I help business structure and brand Alignment meet.

I spent years in my business working backward so you wouldn't have to. I've had ideas but didn't put them into play because my structure wasn't clear and the brand wasn't fully aligned. Now I can offer business owners like you, strategies that are forward-thinking and profit-driven.

My clients are hitting their figures weekly and no longer monthly. They are No longer using faulty systems and pushing out non-effective marketing strategies alongside miscommunicating their offer to an audience who doesn't serve them.

I've created 6-figure programs and use my expertise to help you make a profitable impact.

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"I am extremely happy I took this class. I love the fact that it was versatile; for older and brand new business owners. Milan is VERY knowledgeable, open, and honest! She answered all questions and still does even after the course - clearly because she wants us to be successful (which is amazing). Other people who may give a class, sadly you may never hear from them again. Because I am just starting out with the business, this course was definitely needed because there were plenty of things I did not know and A LOT of mistakes I would have made had I not gotten the knowledge and insight from Milan. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you! I recommend any course she is giving, you will not be disappointed. She is the bomb, hands down."

- Eireonna Little

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To become clearer on communicating your brands message in order to monetize your expertise and attract your dream client.

You're an expert in your industry, you've built a business that is going to be the leading solution for your audience pain points, but your current strategies aren't getting you to the next level.  

The time has come where your next investment in business should be in your strategies. Let's not waste any more time, I'm ready to help you level up your strategy and monetize! 

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