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Hi, I am Milan Mobley

 I am a Publicist and brand communications coach who has transitioned from a public sector job to full-time entrepreneurship. With a background in Communications and specialization in Public Relations, I understand the significance of implementing proper strategies and structures for businesses looking to scale and monetize effectively.

As an experienced coach, I assist entrepreneurs in developing an authentic and impactful brand experience that resonates with their target audience. By leveraging my expertise in communication strategies, I refine brand messaging and voice to enhance customer engagement and foster business growth.

I guide entrepreneurs toward creating a cohesive and compelling brand experience that stands out in their industry through strategic restructuring and brand enhancement.

In addition to coaching, I also work as a publicist, helping businesses and organizations elevate their mission and message, increase global exposure, develop longevity, and promote and safeguard their brands and reputations. I create captivating storylines, goals, and objectives that launch campaigns to advance society, transform culture, make an immediate media impact, and ignite change.

My passion lies in connecting business structure and strategy, and I am here to help entrepreneurs succeed.

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"Working with Milan has been an eye-opening experience."


"She has a natural eye for creative content, branding, and making your business sense, and she easily brings all my ideas to life. I can come to the table with scraps of ideas, and she’ll make a whole full-course meal. My business has grown significantly from its look; I’ve learned my target audience and honed in on my specific niche. I’m beyond grateful for this experience. Not only is she great at bringing ideas to life, but she is also patient, passionate, and diligent in her craft."

- Kayla Hubbard 

CEO, Kayked By Kay Beauty & KLR SKN 


A part of scaling your business can be based on the relationships you build....

Using my skills as a business coach has been phenomenal. However, I wanted to find ways I could support those who didn't and don't need a business coach - but are scaling their business daily.  I began using my platform to promote other business products and services to help in their consistent efforts to monetize and grow.


Mz.Golden Princezz, 03/29/2020

Every Episode Speaks to Me

This year I decided to let my insecurities go and find people who can speak to me for me to grow in my life and business. The first episode I heard was with Pinky from Slutty Vegan and that conversation had me crying driving home from work because it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that moment! This latest episode was, again, EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I was feeling lost and God woke me up out of my bed and I turned this episode on and was completely floored with the conversation. I love how genuine Milan and her guest are and the fact that they share so much wisdom and knowledge that can help in my life is the cherry on top.

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