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Strategy is how you SLAY in Business, is a detailed workshop to help business owners develop a creative and strategic approach to maximizing their business efforts and creating a life-long business.

Mogul Talks is an intimate workshop designed to help you jumpstart or enhance the current state of your business. This workshop can be requested or you can attend while we are one of our tour stops.

Topics we cover:

Angel investors, Manufactures, Taxes, Financing, Business structure, Trademarking, when and how should you prepare for your exit, email marketing, building a business, branding, supply - in demand (addressing needs)
And so much more!


The goal is to eliminate small talks and encourage more Mogul Talks, in order to create more profitable ideas and develop more valuable relationships.


  1.     Help you gain tools, strategies and the knowledge needed in order to handle basic and primary Public Relations functions under your brand or business.

  2.     Learn how to develop a proper pitch to send to the media to obtain local level features.

  3.     A multitude of other essential items that will help enhance and prepare you to further your exposure with the public and media.

  4. SAVING you thousands in just an hour.

Strategy is how you SLAY in Business

Mogul  Talks

Be Your Own Publicist