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Strategy is How You SLAY in Business


Workshop Details

1) Workshop Time - 120 mins

2) Four activities that will assist with:

- Craft a clear and organized business structure.

- Profitable Sales Funnel Development.

- Identify brand and business kill factors in order to curate longevity.

- Making a perfect performance lifestyle through proper preparations. 

3) Ice Breaker

- Critical thinking ice breaker on crafting the perfect strategy to the given scenario` to slay business.

4) 20 - min question and answer to cover any questions missed during the presentation.


1) Where can this workshop be presented?

- Break-out session at  conferences;

- Small intimate events;

2) Who is this workshop for?

- New and aspiring business owners

- Business owners in their 0-5 years

- Someone looking to slay their 9 to 5

3) What do I need to prepare for the workshop?

- Nothing, I will have everything you need to complete it successfully.

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