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Your time to stop stressing is NOW!

Where messaging intersects with experience!

On my VIP day, I help entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their brand messaging and actions. A brand's language is crucial, but it's not enough if its actions don't align with its message. To ensure consistency, we focus on creating a brand experience that resonates with customers from initial contact to subsequent interactions.

By the end of the VIP day, you will gain confidence in your brand and its ability to create a lasting impression on your customers. This will result in an improved offer, increased customer loyalty, and a justified price increase that your customers will be willing to pay.


A VIP DAY with Milan is truly a fantastic experience. Moving down to Atlanta, GA, in hopes of becoming a full-time successful entrepreneur can be quite the struggle. I have a company that is four years old which I feel truly has the potential to be extremely impactful within the HBCU space. I expressed my concerns to Milan and felt down about where my company was. She insisted I do the VIP DAY, and I did! During the (5) Hours Spent with her, she pinpointed things I needed to do and various ways to grow and scale my company.  I was able to improve my company infrastructure and my confidence level. Now I have a profitable digital marketing firm offering various high-level services. 

Jahliel Thurman, CEO

Yard Talk 101 


The experience provided by your business is crucial for long-term sustainability in the industry.

Despite your hard work in your business, producing your best work, and burning the midnight oil to get everything done, you fail to prioritize creating a meaningful experience for your customers.


You have successfully promoted your brand to your current audience but are not effectively reaching your ideal consumers.

You have achieved a monthly revenue in the four-figure range, but you have hit a plateau and are now searching for ways to scale your business to a six-figure level.

Your brand is now ready to ascend to a higher level and distinguish itself from the competition.

If you can comfortably say, “That’s me.”

You’ve found the right program for your business!



Your brand's failure to provide a meaningful experience hinders your progress toward the next level. However, with two actionable steps within a VIP day, you can start your journey toward reaching that level within six months.

Changing the original structure of your business is not a negative thing; it does not indicate failure but rather signals growth.

What sets you apart from your competitors is not your product or service but the experience you provide to each customer at every touchpoint of your business.


Following this VIP, you will experience a boost in confidence in your brand, resulting in an improved offer and a price increase, which customers will be willing to pay.


Struggling to provide a meaningful experience through their brand.

Feeling hindered in their progress toward the next level.

Focusing primarily on their product or service rather than the experience they provide to customers.

Feeling a lack of confidence in their brand and offer.

Being hesitant to make changes to the structure of their business.

Struggling to justify a price increase for their product or service.


Define their brand's purpose and values to create a more meaningful customer experience.


Develop a brand strategy that aligns with their target audience to effectively communicate their messaging.


Identify areas of their business that need improvement and create an action plan to make changes that support growth.

Gain confidence in their brand and offer, leading to a stronger market position and increased customer loyalty.

Develop a pricing strategy that accurately reflects the value of their product or service and justifies a price increase.

Implement new processes and systems to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint of their business.


To establish a 6-figure brand, we need to explore the dimensions of your recent brand experience, including:

  • Clarifying the purpose behind your brand

  • Evaluating your customer acquisition strategies

  • Determining your most profitable service or product

  • Enhancing consumer engagement

  • Assessing the current state of your market

By examining these aspects, we can develop a strategic plan to increase perceived value and positively impact the quality of consumer-brand relationships, ultimately leading to a successful 6-figure brand.

After reviewing your current brand experience, the next step in our VIP day is to map out your ideal client and the type of experience you envision for them. This will help us create a targeted and personalized approach that resonates with your dream clients and sets your brand apart from the competition.

Now that we have identified your current brand experience and your ideal client's desired experience, it's time to take action and restructure your existing systems, processes, and culture. We'll work together to bring your vision to life and ensure long-term sustainability.

By the end of our VIP day, you will have a business that delivers a unique and exceptional brand experience that sets you apart from your competitors. Your clients will become your brand ambassadors, continually raving about their experience with your brand.


In this next step of the VIP day, we will transform the restructuring and new design plans into a comprehensive client experience strategy. This will involve creating a unique value proposition that will serve as the foundation of the new experience. We'll also map out the entire customer journey, from the first touchpoint to the final interaction, to ensure a seamless experience. In addition, we'll develop a new brand identity that reflects the new experience strategy and resonates with your target audience. The goal is to create a memorable and impactful brand experience that sets you apart from your competitors and keeps your clients returning for more.

Revamping your brand experience and strategy doesn't stop at the planning stage. Once we've restructured and designed your new brand experience in the VIP day, we will move on to creating a detailed implementation plan. This plan will outline the specific steps and timelines needed to bring your new brand experience to life, including changes to your business systems, processes, and culture. We'll also identify potential obstacles or challenges that may arise during implementation and develop contingency plans to overcome them.

As we near the end of our VIP day, we will review the implementation plan with you to ensure that you fully understand the steps and timeline involved. We will discuss any potential changes that may need to be made to your current operations, such as retraining employees, updating technology, or adjusting company policies. I will provide additional recommendations or suggestions based on my expertise and experience if time allows.

Finally, we will discuss any next steps for ongoing support or follow-up to ensure the successful implementation of the new strategy. This includes gathering feedback, making any necessary tweaks, and providing you achieve your goals. It's important that you feel confident and empowered to continue growing your business with your new brand experience strategy in place.

Brand Experience Assessment

Designing Your Client Experience Strategy

Action Plan Development

 Ideal Client Mapping and Experience Design 

Lunch & Restructure

Implementation Planning and Support


VIP DAY Gift Box 

(1) Week Of Continued Support

As a VIP day client, you'll receive a special box filled with carefully curated items to enhance your experience. This exclusive package includes things that are relevant to your coaching experience, as well as luxury items to make you feel appreciated and valued. We want your VIP Day experience to be memorable and enjoyable, and the VIP Day box is just one way we show our appreciation for your investment in yourself and your future success. Book a VIP day with us and prepare for a one-of-a-kind coaching or consulting experience, complete with a special VIP day box.

When you book a VIP day with us, you get exclusive, one-on-one coaching and receive an additional week of email support to help you implement what you've learned. We understand that real change takes time and effort, and we want to ensure you have the support you need to achieve your goals beyond the VIP day. With our email support, you can ask questions, receive feedback, and stay on track as you continue to grow and develop. Invest in yourself and your future success with a VIP day and the additional support to help you succeed.

Exclusive access to a private FB group

Recording of the VIP DAY

When you book a VIP day with us, you'll gain access to an exclusive, private Facebook group. This group is a community of like-minded individuals committed to personal and professional growth. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to connect with others, share your experiences, and receive ongoing support and motivation. You can ask questions, share insights, and get feedback from others on a similar journey. Our VIP Day Facebook group is designed to help you stay connected and inspired long after your VIP day ends. Invest in yourself and your future success by booking a VIP day with us and joining our supportive community.

When you book a VIP day with us, you'll receive a recording of your entire VIP day. This recording allows you to revisit the coaching session and reinforce what you've learned. You can go back and review key insights, strategies, and action items at your own pace, ensuring that you don't miss any important details. You can also take notes and reflect on your progress over time with the recording. We understand that real change takes time and effort, and we want to ensure you have the resources needed to succeed. Invest in yourself and your future success by booking a VIP day with us and getting access to your own personalized recording.


Pay in full


2x Payments


Thank you Milan, you simplified my whole life in 3 words!

Everything Milan taught me during our VIP DAY, I was able to come up with my high ticket price signature offer after she pretty much simplified my life with all Things "B" concept. We came up with strategies to help my target audience succeed with balance & business while still becoming successful. I was able to build out a 3-day webinar to re-launch my signature offer.   

Brianna Monet, CEO

B. monet Consulting

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