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Your time to stop stressing is NOW!

You've been connecting your own dots for so long, now it's time for help!

There's a time in business where we literally do all we can. Pat yourself on the back for getting yourself this far. However, in order to scale past four- figures, you may have to do some restructuring, enhance your strategy and create more effective systems.


You’re playing a game of payday, but can’t seem to get your desired pay-out! 

You’ve been working so hard in your business, producing your best work, staying up late a night to make sure you accomplish everything but you keep finding yourself doing more work with the same results?


You’ve been doing an excellent job of pushing your brand in front of an audience. (maybe not your ideal one, but an audience no less), but for some reason, you still aren’t seeing the profit you know your business is capable of producing.


You’ve been seeing 4-figures monthly, but you’ve reached that peak in your business, and you’re trying to figure out what needs to be done so you can scale your business to 6-figures but you've been scaling backward.


What if I told you, you...

No longer have work to have the lifestyle you want but turning your business into the lifestyle, such as being able to operate and make $$$ even on the beach in jamaica.  

Are able to decrease the hours spent working and increase profit. 

Have the (3)'s  Structure, Strategy, and System that allow you to reach your 6-figure goals more efficiently and effectively without depending on hours of labor.

Are visible and seen as a thought-leader to your desired audience.


You are able to balance your time to do things you enjoy!


A VIP DAY with Milan is truly an amazing experience. Moving down to Atlanta, GA in hopes of becoming a full-time successful entrepreneur can be quite the struggle. I have a company that is four years old in which I feel truly had the potential to be extremely impactful within the HBCU space. I expressed my concerns to Milan in which I felt down about where my company was. She insisted I do the VIP DAY, and I did! The (5) Hours Spent with her she pinpointed things that I needed to do and various ways to grow and scale my company.  I was ablemproved my company infrastructure and my confidence level. Now I have a profitable digital marketing firm offering various high-level services. 

Jahliel Thurman, CEO

Yard Talk 101 


This VIP DAY is Specially Designed For...

Entrepreneurs who are struggling to reach the next level of their business and ready to develop a profit-driven systems, a clear structure, and clearly articulate their brand's message.

You’re ready to scale with a  more profitable Structure, Strategy, and effect system.

You have no idea where to start when It comes to "Restructuring"


 You’re unclear about all the moving pieces that go into reaching your ideal client and having a successful business.


Creating various products and services to meet your monthly revenue goal.

Staying up all hours of the night working endlessly at your business. 

You have a signature offer or products but sales are low. 

 Thinking the only way to scale is to continuously raise the pricing on your 1-1 offer (even though you’re still trading time for money)

 Creating multiple ideas and overly explaining your business because people don't understand what you do.

 Constantly trying to gain 10k followers to get the swipe up option but you aren't focusing on targeting the right audience. ”

Curating impactful content, with no real strategy to convert your audience into buyers.


Busy work, Exhausted & underpaid.


Operating confidently in your business with profit-driven Structures, Strategies & Systems that allow you to bring in consistent revenue.

Finally having a clear brand message that allows you to focus on strategic marketing and revenue-generated content/conversations. 

Properly monetizing your offer to secure steady reliable residual income.

Communicating clearly with consumers on and off social media. 

A fully active and profitable mailing list. 

Attractive, impactful content that attracts your ideal clientele. 

Creating an unforgettable program and experience people will be impacted by. 

Eliminating the busy work and becoming intentional on productivity. 

What does the VIP DAY Entail? 


In order to get to our 6-figure goals, we have to go through the Identification process of the following:

  • Current Services and Systems

  • Most Profitable service or product 

  • Customer Pain Points 

  • Area of expertise 

In order to develop a clear vision, effective lines of communicating the message,  operation, and a high-ticket offer.


The most important part of any business is the development phase especially when you are scaling. Our strategy processes include:

  • Developing unique and authentic communication of your brand message through multiple systems (i.e. email marketing, onboarding, client connection, and outreach.) 

  • Profitable systems (Email Marketing funnel, Social Media funnels, and profitable content.

  • Branding of your high-ticket offer.

In order to trigger consistent sales.


Once your Strategy phase is complete, you want to activate your systems and package your offer and prepare to Launch. Our Systems process includes: 

  • Creating your systems and getting you started. 

  • Outline your signature product/service

  • Pitching your high-level offer 

  • Development launch marketing strategy






Unlimited Replay Access

Strategy Workbook

VIP DAY Gift Box 

(1) Week Of Continued Support


Thank you Milan, you simplified my whole life in 3 words!

Everything Milan taught me during our VIP DAY, I was able to come up with my high ticket price signature offer after she pretty much simplified my life with all Things "B" concept. We came up with strategies to help my target audience to be successful with balance & business while still becoming successful. I was able to build out a 3-day webnair to re-launch my signature offer.   

Brianna Monet, CEO

B. monet Consulting

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